Anna Becker

Anna Becker

University College London


I am a PhD Candidate in Economics at University College London (UCL).

My primary research field is Political Economy. I am also interested in Applied Microeconomics and Behavioral Economics.

In my job market paper, I investigate whether public image concerns can induce costly altruistic behavior. I exploit a unique natural experiment: At the beginning of WWI, the UK relied on a voluntary army. To encourage recruitment, young women often handed out white feathers to men in civilian clothes, marking them as cowards. I hand-collected archival data on local daily recruitment in England and Wales and created a new measure for the activity of the “White Feather Girls” using contemporary newspaper articles. Using a difference-in-differences design with staggered treatment adoption, I pin down the effect of shaming on recruitment and show that White Feather Girls activity was followed by a significant increase in recruitment.

My CV can be downloaded here.

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